Clean Forest Club is recognized and appreciated

Swiss Federal Councillor Leuthard recognizes our efforts

In a letter of recommendation adressed to Mr.  A. Rudolf von Rohr, CEO RVR-CFC and Ms. F. Marti, COO RVR-CFC, Doris Leuthard write:

“I have noted the sustainable activities of RVR Service Inc. in association with Clean Forest Club. The RVR-CFC Concept leads to comprehensible mitigation of CO₂. The goal of the concept is to compensate washed

towel-rolls of RVR clients through tree planting in endangered areas such as deserts, rainforests or in protected Swiss forests, in effort to reduce the effects of climate change. Clean Forest reforestation projects preserve biodiversity, the growth of water sources in addition to creating new jobs.

The contribution of the private sector to reduce greenhouse emissions is key. The activities of RVR Service help abate global warming.

Swiss Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard
Head of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications DETEC

Speech Doris Leuthard UN Climate Summit, 23.9.2014

The UN wishes us success

"With my best wishes for the successful implementation of our point vision of more and cleaner forests across the world."

Michael Moller
Action Director-General
United Nations Office at Geneva

Annual Report with personal note

United Nations Forum on Forests recommends our RVR-CFC Concept

"I found the RVR-CFC Concept to be innovative, with considerable potential for climate change mitigation as well as benefits for biodiversity, water and employment."

Jan McAlpine
Former Director
United Nations Forum on Forests

Letter of recommendation

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation emphasizes the importance of trees

"For a sustainable, long-term strategy we cannot avoid not including forests. It is a necessity.” – Excerpt of a global letter of the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation, March 2013

Jürgen Blaser
Dipl. Forest Engineer ETHZ
Global Forestry SDC, Lekturer HAFL, CFC-Advisor

Read the global letter of the SDC here

UNECE says thank you for the collaboration

"It was a very rewarding experience to join efforts once again with the Clean Forest Club to celebrate the International Day of Forests."

Ivonne Higuero
Chief Joint UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section
Forests, Land and Housing Division

Official 'thank you' letter

The facts are clear

There were always scientists who pointed out the negative effects of too much CO2  in the atmosphere. As no one reacted, the levels of CO2   kept increasing. Clean Forest Club would therefore like to show these effects and give tribute to these scientists.

Download graph here

Swiss scientists who confirm our approach

Prof. Dr. Christion Pfister
Emeritus Environmental History and Historical Climatology

Andreas Speich
Dipl. Forest Engineer ETH/SIA

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischlin
Professor Terrestrial Systems Ecology

Positive feedbacks from our clients regarding our yearly Environmental Day

„Thank you again for a great day in the region of Bern / Lauenen. It was impressive to connect this wonderful landscape with culture, folk and culinary delights. As even Petrus helped with great weather and everyone was friendly, it was an exciting experience. In addition, the keynote was particularly interesting and really gets you thinking. Let’s take care of our beautiful mother earth. It’s great to know people like you.

Gaston und Elsbeth Phillot/Lengnau, BE


 “I would like to warmly thank you and the whole crew for this informative and yet relaxing day. Even the weather was good.

Ulle Heiber, previous head of facility, commercial school Muttenz


“Thank you very much for an interesting and well organised event. I look forward to participating again.”

Werner Ehrler, Zürich


„On behalf of the real estate management city of Zurich I would like to thank you very much for an impressive day. It is nice to know that there are still people who commit themselves with perseverance for projects such as these. After today I believe that a lot of participants will appreciate the complexity of the problem more. Therefore I would like to also ask you to thank Mr. von Rohr and his wife for me.

Ruedi Christen, Regional Head / deputy facility, Zürich Real Estate Management