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20. Jahre RVR-CFC Konzept

25. GVBAH 17.03.2018

 Berufsverband Ausgebildeter Hauswärte BAH

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RVR-Clean Forest Club was invited to United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, WARSAW POLAND

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11. Environmental day - 09.09.2017

11th Environmental day- 09.09.2017 in Lauenen lake.

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10. Umwelttag - 16.9.2016

Am 16. September fand der 10. Umwelttag wiederum am Lauenensee statt. Trotz wechselhaften Wetter waren Kunden und Unterstützter gut gelaunt.

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2. - 6. November 2015 - SILVA Engelberg

At the third SILVA conference by UNECE the Clean Forest Club and RVR Service was given the chance to present their new "tree-to-tree" product.

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Food for Forests. Forests for Food - 20.03.2015

As Partner of the UNECE event „Forests for Food - Food for Forests“, RVR-CFC was given the chance to share its vision.

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Parks & Projects

Opening Clean Forest Park Beer Sheva - 17.05.2015

We are grateful to announce our 8th Clean Forest Parc, the second in the middle east near the town Beer Sheva. The parc is found in the middle of the Negev desert and contains 400 trees. The parc is harvested by the organization KKL.

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