Forests for Food - Food for Forests

20.03.2015 - UNECE Geneva

As Partner of the UNECE event „Forests for Food - Food for Forests“ CFC-RVR was given the chance to share its vision. You can watch the speech from A. Rudolf von Rohr, President of the Clean Forest Club, in the clip below.

The celebration consisted of a series of events, including a Roundtable, a Press Conference and the “Learning from Forests” Exhibition.

The Roundtable and the Press Conference brought together a great number of world-renowned chefs and key experts from the forestry sector and the food and beverage industry. The conferences explored the links between forests, food, beverages and gastronomy, as well as the impact of the food industry on forests and forests on the food industry.

The “Learning from Forests” Exhibition was featured in the Salle des Pas Perdus and resembled a walk through the forest drawing the attention of the visitors to their social, environmental, cultural and gastronomic benefits.

UNECE showed their appriciation for the collaboration with the Clean Forest Club.

"It was a very rewarding experience to join efforts once again with the Clean Forest Club to celebrate the International Day of Forests. It also highlighted the collaborative character of our work on forests and their overall importance for the UNECE region."

Official 'thank you' letter from UNECE