Why another Climate Forum?

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

As head of SME, I would gladly claim that we could offer the all-inclusive solution to the weakening effect of climate change, ideally with a five year or ten year plan leading to zero CO2 emissions. However, as a layman without an academic title in environmental studies, one is faced with a poor hand of cards when it comes to having a positive and lasting influence on this plundered planet. We also lack an influential network that can facilitate the release of funds which would accelerate the promotion of the environmentally-friendly RVR-CFC concept. Nevertheless, we refuse to be hindered by these things!

Our SME team has concluded that until now even Nobel prize- winners, top economists, well-known scientists, key decision-makers and politicians of the superpowers have failed to shed more light on how to improve the deteriorating global climatic situation.

So, what holds us back from giving up altogether? It is the grim determination to fight for the well-being of future generations.

The well-being of future generations and the conviction that our wounded earth will react to exploitative globalisation and that the coming generations will experience the effects of climate change, involving untold suffering for entire nations—these are the realities which keep us going. Surplus CO2 ranging from 391, through 400 to 410 ppm will lead not to an increase in temperature of 2, but approximately 5 degrees Celsius. Lower estimates have ignored scientifically proven warming developments over the past 30 years. According to the latest IPPC report, delaying measures to protect society form these developments is irresponsible.

Therefore, we will avoid giving room to the discouraged, indifferent naysayers and, instead, work with like-minded people to initiate the necessary measures to combat climate change.

`Everything is possible` - This should be our additional slogan for the CF Forum from 2013-2019.

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