Clean Forest Forum 2013

Tuesday, November 12th 2013 - 13:00 - 17:00 - Hilton Basel

In confirmation of the early warnings by climatologists (e.g. Flohn 1981, UNO 1992 and Stern 2006), our planet is becoming the stage for extremely destructive and unpredictable climatic events. These events are increasing in magnitude and frequency to an alarming extent.

Hurricanes `Katrina`, `Irene` and `Sandy` have caused damage worth USD 95,000,000,000. Millions of people are suffering today from the direct consequences of flooding caused by these three terrible storms.

Despite the mounting costs incurred by climatic catastrophes during the past 10 years, the political and economic will for change is lacking. Society is caught up in a false sense of security. The means for executing long-lasting changes have been thoroughly researched, but decisive action is required to put them into operation and to bring to public attention the urgency of the matter.

The CF Forum 2013 will provide a platform for personalities drawn from companies all over the world practising sustainable technologies, supported by others drawn from scientific and political bodies.

We bear a responsibility to future generations to change things as quickly as possible, not least because the dynamic and economically retarding effect of climate change leaves us no choice.

Prof. Dr. Christian Pfister
Stephan Speiser
Forstmeister Andreas Speich
Markus Zimmermann-Scheifele
Felix Finkbeiner


Clean Forest Forum: Objectives

1.    The CF Forum aims to increase public awareness about the urgency of C02- (binding measures that will reduce ppm from 400 to 350, Dr. James E. Hanson, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City and Adjunct Professor of Earth Sciences at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, “Target CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim?)

Scientists and companies using sustainable methods will demonstrate a range of solutions. (e.g Helsinki Forest Criteria)

2.    The CF Forum aims to present national and international companies  using sustainable methods  such as renewable energies (e.g. solar-wind-water- geothermal energy), recycling, CO2 bindung measures, carbon reporting or energy efficiency processes. 

Entrepreneurs will present their forward-thinking strategie for a green economy.

3.    The CF Forum will focus on the urgency of long-term measures to provide security against the consequences of unpredictable weather.

(Rock falls in Gurtnellen 2011/2012, spring flooding in Diemtigtal/Brienz 2005, the struggle against forest fires 2012 and preventing hydro meteorological catastrophes 2011/2012)

Climatologists will assess the climatic changes in our alpine region. Experts and rescue teams will explain how catastrophies can be prevented. 

 CFFORUM FEE: CHF 185/Person including food and drinks

"Equipping Generations for Climate Change"

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