About us

Clean Forest Club is a product and direct result of RVR Service and its RVR-CFC Concept.

The objective is the mitigation excess carbon dioxide through reforestation and preservation of forests.

How is mitigation achieved?

The RVR-CFC Concept is a sustainable business models that combines ecology and economy and creates awareness. Per 100 washings of towel-roll one tree is planted. The customer receives a yearly certification of the amount of trees he generated and thus helps reforestation and preserving forests.

Armand Rudolf von Rohr:

"When I travelled to the area of Lauenensee in 1999, after the devastating storm Lothar and saw the bare, destroyed forest with my own eyes, I knew I must act now. So I decided in cooperation with Arno Reichenbach from the Zweisimmen Forestry, to establish Clean Forest Club and to invest 10%-15% of the annual net profit of RVR Service AG in reforestation.”

Reforestation of the area of India

According to „The Emissions Gap Report 2012“ the area needed to reforest equals to more than 100 billion tree plantings or in other words: the area of India.

Source: WWF

Download the Emissions Gap Report 2012